Hoorah for Groupon, The Stand, Food Porn and Run On Sentences!

I love Groupon; it allows me to feel less guilty about buying things I normally wouldn’t, because I AM JUST GETTING SUCH GREAT DEALS! A few months back, it allowed me to pay 30 dollars to see B Spears and Nicki Minaj (not embarrassed!) and sit in better seats than poor unfortunate souls who paid twice that. Boom.

Last week, I paid 16 dollars for 35 dollars worth of food from The Stand, an awesome vegan juice bar/sandwich shop chain in Connecticut. I went halfsies with my co-worker, Nick. The reason this Groupon was so fantastic was because I normally spend nearly 30 dollars at the stand on myself when I go. As it is all fresh organic goodness, it is pricy. An 8 dollar smoothie, an 8 dollar sandwich, a cookie or four and my wallet is 25 dollars lighter.

I have a particular fondess for the Tempeh Reuben at The Stand because it has bbq sauce, sauerkraut, nayonais and I always ask them to throw on some avocadooohudfyg8934y8493–sorry! Drool was shortcircuiting my keyboard.

Nick ordered the Ollie Bean sandwich, which has a white bean and olive pate–yummo! He also got a white bean and spinach soup, and we both got some bangin’ smoothies.

I am particularly fond of their No.2, which has carob and almond butter and sex. (No, not really, but I liken its creamy goodness to that satisfied feeling you get when you’ve just added a work of art to your penile portfolio and you’re all sweaty and glowy and if it was 1924 or if you didn’t care about your health or lighting your home on fire you would light a cigarette right there in bed…) Nothin’ like a good food/sex run-on to start my day off right….


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