Fetish Friday: Muscle Worship

What pretty veins you have...the better to err, worship you with..

So, alas, I couldn’t find anyone to interview about this fetish, although I thought about ways I could coax some of the females from the Jersey Shore into giving me the inside scoop, since they seem to like their men stuffed, oiled and browned like a basted turkey.

Jokes aside, Sthenolagnia—or the worshipping of muscles, is a form of sexual arousal that derives from the touching of, looking at, licking, kissing or observing of another’s muscles. Usually the fetish is coming from the worshipper (the one who likes the muscles) and aimed at the muscled-up dominant, or “Dom,” in reference to last week’s post on submissives. The worshiper may also gain satisfaction from being pinned in some wrestling holds. Not surprisingly, the Dom is often a body builder, wrestler or a participant in some form of athleticism that results in heavy muscle tone.

Worshippers are both men and women; male worshippers get off on glamazonian type women, just as much as females get off on men who are beefier than taco bell. (Really that’s not hard, there is basically no beef in taco bell “food.”)  It is not uncommon that a Dom is a female body builder. In fact, I remember a handful of years back I saw a documentary on a female bodybuilder, Christine Fetzer, who offers “clients” sessions where they can come worship her muscles.  At first I thought this weird and attributed it to the fact that Fetzer had also been a stripper at some point. But it turns out quite a lot of bodybuilders offer “worship” sessions where people can come obsess over their muscles.

Personally, I like my men sort of skinny, but I guess I can understand it. What about you? Know anyone who spends a lot of type hangin’ out at gyms creepin’ on those guys who kiss their biceps in the mirror?

Want to be interviewed for Fetish Friday? Want to suggest a Fetish Friday post? Want to tell me I’m totally nuts? All is fair!


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2 Responses to Fetish Friday: Muscle Worship

  1. adamjholland says:

    I keep waiting to hear “I’m really attracted to short, fat white guys with receding hairlines and no money.”

    • sexytofu says:

      Actually I do know a few women who ARE attracted to short, fat white guys with no hair and even less money. But there is such a plethora of men like that, they are always taken!

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