Are you a Vegansexual? Find out on Vegan Mainstream

Only one kinda meat on their minds...

Rarely do I try and corral my SexyTofu readers to other sites I write for, but recently I wrote an article for Vegan Mainstream that I think is relevent to my food/sex rants I indulge in here. The article, Dissecting the Vegansexual , is about vegans who refuse to rub their naughty bits on a non-vegan. Actually, it’s more than that–they refuse to date anyone who eats meat, wears animal products, etc. I’ll give you a little excerpt, and then if it whets your palate, you can go check it out. Or you can just stay here and continue to peruse my rants about lube, weird sex toys awaiting patents, recipes involving pumpkin and air sex competitions.

A vegansexual is a vegan who refuses to get romantic or sexual with a non-vegan, shying away from omnivores and refusing to splash around outside of the vegan pool.

These are not vegans who would prefer to date another vegan—they think it is downright nasty to get down with a meat-eater. The reasoning behind this varies from the very rational—they simply want to date someone with similar interests—to the more extreme—they find the smell and taste (yep, taste) of meat eaters repulsive. Some vegans have made claims that they find omnivores to have stinkier sweat and a more pungent flavor than herbivores.

Read the rest of the article here!


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