Sex Triggers Memory Loss?

Who are you?! And where are my clothes?!

In the locker room at the gym this morning I was, as usual, ignoring the news on the TV as I try to avoid raising my blood pressure so early in the morning. However, when the reporter on CNN started talking about sex triggering memory loss, I perked up.

Apparently in some cases, physical activity—including a boisterous boning–can spur on transient global amnesia, which is a condition where memory temporarily disappears. Usually, the effects reverse within a few hours. Affecting only 3 to 5 people per 100,000 annually, global amnesia is curious. Doctors aren’t sure exactly what causes it, or how–unlike a stroke–it can allow sufferers to remain alert and engaged, but with large sections of memory void.  According to the Mayo Clinic, there may be a link to transient global amnesia with people that have a history of migraine headaches, and to those who are over 50.

Sex-triggered amnesia shows up in many of the reported cases, and in January 2010 a study published in the journal Stroke (tehehehe) found that the cause may lay not in the naughty bits, but in the neck. Apparently 80 percent of the subjects, all suffering transient global amnesia, had insufficient blood flow in the jugular vein. The jugular carries blood from the brain back down to the heart, and during strenuous activity that calls for pressure to be put on the abdomen—think lifting weights, or most sex positions. This pressure may make it difficult for blood to flow, causing temporary lack of oxygen to the brain, and poof—memory lapse.

Talk about mind blowing sex.


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