Tonight’s Challenge: Leave the Lights On

A+ for creativity

The other day I was thinking about afternoon delights. For anyone not familiar with the Starland Vocal Band, that’s mid-day sex. Why, I wondered, is it more exciting than evening sex or morning sex? Aside from breaking up the monotony of your routing and giving you a little bit of juice…er…energy to get through the rest of the day, I realized one reason afternoon sex is often more exciting than a swampy pre-bed sexercise  session is because of the lighting. The wah?

 If you’re already in bed by the time you start shedding clothes and gettin’ handsy, then there is a good chance that the lights are off. However, if you’re gettin’ down mid-day, even if the lights are off, the room is going to be pretty well lit—unless you are some freaky basement dweller and/or have blackout shades. recently put out a survey of over 1,000 men and women regarding lighting during sex. Only 10 percent said they prefer the lights on, while 41 percent like the dark, and the remaining 48 percent like to mix it up.

Leaving the lights on can give you a great visual, amp up confidence and provide a rush for anyone with voyeuristic tendencies…or narcissistic tendencies. A fun game: If you’re dating someone and you suspect they like the sight of themselves naked more than the sight of you naked, leave the lights on and place a mirror next to the bed and then count how many times they stare at themselves. If it’s more than 10 you should probably start screaming and/or break up with them, preferably while they are still inside you, just for the story. Oooh, or if you’re even more daring, suggest you film yourself and then watch how many times they look up in the camera like “yeahhh, I got this.” Gag.

Anyways, on the flipside, lights off makes it necessary to put your trust in your other senses and can allow you to focus more attention on physical sensation. Unfortunately, heightened sensation is not the reason most people dim the lights (it is, however, the reason they use blindfolds!)—they do it either out of habit or insecurity.

Body image issues have wasted way too many valuable orgasm opportunities, I am sure. Women especially have a hard time letting go. I am not a man, so I can’t be 100 percent certain of this, but I still assure many of my female friends that as a rule of thumb, if you are naked, your partner is going to be too busy appreciating the fact that your clothes are now on the floor to notice that mole, or the way your lady lumps look, or whatever other bizarre body hang-up you have.

The bottom line is to avoid snoozy routine Tofurkey sandwich sex (1), it’s good to switch it up. If you’re used to turning the lights off during sex, keep em’ on next time. I dare you. Double dog!

(1) Tofurkey sandwich sex. Sex that, while it may be good, is as boring as that turkey (but I don’t eat turkey, thus the Tofurkey) sandwich your mom packed in your brown-bag lunch for over a decade. Is it good? Sure maybe. Boring and predictable? You betcha.


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