Today’s Rant: Get Out Of Me, Body Bashers

I need to insert a little rant here about loving your damn body. Men and women everywhere, please be good to yourself and stop with all the negative self-talk! I was lucky enough to be raised by a woman who demonstrated a zillion ways to love and respect your physical self: Eat right–meaning whole, good foods, not quick fix diet traps; get your sweat on; mindfully indulge–no, not letting yourself “be bad” (eat cake) because you “were good”(worked out). That kind of negative self talk is terrible for the psyche. You’re good, always! Unless you’re out murdering kittens, robbing little old ladies or working towards getting on a sex offender’s list, you are not “bad.” Mindfully indulge by doing something that will make you feel good–get a massage, spend an afternoon ignoring work emails and reading a good book. Savor a cup of coffee. Breathe! Laugh for the sake of laughing. Play with yourself (take that in whatever way you want…) And for the sake all things sexy and delicious, stop comparing yourself to super models. They are airbrushed. They aren’t real. I have a theory they are made in a factory in Brazil. That’s all I have to say about that.


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3 Responses to Today’s Rant: Get Out Of Me, Body Bashers

  1. Nico says:

    As long as you’re not going to tell me ‘real women have curves’, because that school of thought needs to get shut down! 🙂

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