Intuition: Sooo in Right Now

Something tells me she is going to eat is soul...#StupidSuccubus

You know that “A woman’s intuition is always right” saying? Not sure if it’s really gender based, but as far as I am concerned, intuition trumps all. When apartment hunting 6 months back, we saw this gorgeous place. The price was right. The location was right. The hardwood floors were gleaming. But something in my stomach kept screaming No! no no no. I kept telling my (very frustrated) room-mate that something was wrong with it. She wanted to sign the lease, and had just about convinced me that I’m a ridiculous crazy person who does things like judge a person based on their horoscope and read tarot cards. The day we were supposed to sign the lease, I looked up the apartment complex on Roaches, screamed one review. Worst apartment complex ever—no parking, no maintenance and noisy. Not one good thing could be found. Thank goodness I listened to my gut.

I usually listen to my intuition and know when to stop drop and roll on out; job offer seem too good to be true? Guy at bar appear to have a tan line from a wedding band? Little boy on your porch dressed like a Jehovah’s Witness? Man asking for your number seem like the type to hang out in his basement wearing a skin suit and lipstick? You are probably right!

But every now and then you get into a situation that makes you second guess yourself—don’t do it! Someone once pressured me into a relationship I wasn’t 100 percent into. It was too rushed, and I was not at a time in my life to take it on. But they liked me! I was terrific. They were all about me. Our sex was like a Nine Inch Nails video directed by Nina Hartley. Why not take a chance. I spent a few days doing a ton of meditating and ignoring that screamy, squirmy feeling in my gut that said no, no, no. Something is wrong here. I grew tired of thinking about it. Shut up stomach, I thought. Take a chance. So I took the chance, only to have it blow up in my face, causing me pain and embarrassment and having to process and get over a relationship I didn’t even want in the first place—and going through a heady serotonin withdrawal from the aforementioned terrific sex. (Did.I.Mention.The.SEX!?)

Often, hearts (stars and horseshoes!), minds and sex parts can get in the way of intuition. Someone who might make you feel warm and fuzzy (and by warm, I mean really, really hot) in person could be really bad for you, but you ignore that nagging in your gut because when you’re around them, you feel exhilarated. You make a million excuses to ignore your intuition—you’re just scared! This will work out fine.

But of course, the real reason people ignore their intuition? It isn’t giving them the answer they want to hear. Like the great advice your mother gives that happens to be the exact opposite of what you plan on doing. You want to prove yourself wrong. You want this time to be the exception to the intuition-trumps-all rule. In both situations mentioned above, I wanted to be excited about this new person and that shiny apartment, because they were just that–exciting. I wanted to think it would work, even though I knew deep down it wouldn’t.

While taking risks in life is important, following your intuition is vital. Just like you know when something is right, you know when something is wrong. When your gut tells you to move on, hit the high road—even if it takes a couple of new sex toys.


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3 Responses to Intuition: Sooo in Right Now

  1. Zorana says:

    You are my long-lost twin. ’nuff said.I just found your blog and must say that I have been able to relate on every post so far. I love the blog!

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