Hello, Quarter Life Crisis!

In my zenned out glory, 6 months ago..

I don’t know what I want! Since my split from my ex, I’ve been bouncing off hypothetical walls more than a toddler who got their hands on two cupcakes and a soda at Chuck E.Cheese.

Just when I make a solid decision about anything—weekend plans, new resolutions, the avoidance of caffeine/alcohol/buying more shoes—I abruptly go ahead and do the opposite of what I have just decided. One of my friends, A, recently sent me a reiteration of the last two text messages I sent her, spaced about 22 hours apart. They read: “I will kiss no one for the next month. No one! No dating. Nothing!” followed by “Hot Yoga Guy came over last night…” (I swore off this guy a while back due to his general flakiness and self absorption…) Of course, A found it hilarious. I found it a perfect depiction of how sloppy I have been lately. Seriously—A real mess.

I’m like that womanly woman in that Billy Joel song; and she never gives in, she just changes her mind. That’s what I do. Every second of every day. The good thing about this is I am doing a lot of cycling, running around in circles, and feeling a ton of different emotions at one time—something that I think is vital to do at some point in your life. If you don’t give yourself the time and space to get your crazies out of your system, you will pay for it later.  And I would much rather do it now, at 23, than at 43 with a hubby a mortgage and four kids. Right? No new Porsche or plastic surgery for me. Just a whole bunch of late-night adventures, trying new things, meeting new people, the draining of my bank account on impulse buys and maybe just a dash of self-destructive behavior. Thanks Quarter Life Crisis.

Me mid crisis...

And to pay homage to my messy little life, a recipe for you all!

Quarter Life Crisis Cocktail

1 part vodka, borrowed from your room-mate’s bottle in the freezer (Thanks, J!)
1 part tonic water, borrowed from your other room-mate’s bottle in the fridge (Thanks N!)
1 part Prometheus Springs Tea, Citrus Cayenne Flavor, from the case they sent you to review in the mail (Thanks Prometheus!)

Mix together, serve over ice with a twist and enjoy in good company

Hey, anyone else out there going through a quarter life crisis? Mid-life crisis? Anything? I wanna know!


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