Stuff I Get Off On: Buccaneer Bars

I ate it before I could take a photo..story of my life..

I love sweets—especially when they are free! Recently, I became a member of the VegNews Street Team (oh hey, VegNews!)—a group spreading vegan awareness by distributing issues of VegNews around to local venues, groups, stores and restaurants. Anything to spread some vegany goodness. Anyways to kick off the team, VegNews sent me a care package and in it was this delicious vegan chocolatey nougat bar called a Buccaneer bar.

Super delicious and covered in a rice-milk chocolate coating, it reminded me of a Three Musketeers (coincidental names? I think not!). It was all I could do not to inhale it in one mouthful. Normally I try to avoid processed foods, and this bar—while delicious—is definitely a special treat. Dessert at my desk. Glad they didn’t send me a case, because I may have been tempted to eat the whole thing in one sitting and then would have a serious vegan tummy ache. But really, these bars are the shit.  

These sweet treats are made by Go Max, Go Foods LLC, and I poked around on their site and saw they make a mock Almond Moy bar called a Mahalo. I nearly peed myself. I must find one, asap.

Thanks VegNews and  Go Max, Go Foods , for the yummy bar! Unfortunately more me, the name of it spurred this random memory of a line from the movie Casper (mmmm 14 year old Devon Sawa) and so now I have been wandering around my  office going Buccaneers and buried gold. Whipstaff doth a treasure hold.. Anyone else remember this? No? Just me?


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