“Girls Next Door” Star Reps Contest for Durex Sex Suite

Durex has the best campaigns (I stole this from loiclemeur.com, please don't sue me)

August 1 until Sept 12,  people all across the US are encouraged to go to Durex’s Facebook page and unleash their wildest sexual fantasies, past sexcapades or stories of attempts gone wrong in Durex’s national “Get a Room” contest. Comments that receive the most votes will win an all expenses paid two night stay in the Durex Sex Suite at some swanky NYC hotel. I really want to know what this hotel suite looks like. In high school I went to a post-prom party at a really creepy motel room that had a heart shaped bed, a mirrored ceiling and a Jacuzzi tub in the floor. I am imagining it looks something like that but maybe with some fun (sterilized) toys and maybe a swing? Please can there be a swing?

The cool thing about this contest is that the spokeswoman for it is Bridget Marquardt, Hugh Hefner’s ex girlfriend from “Girls Next Door”—you know, the bubbly one with the real boobs who was only pretending to be really stupid for better ratings.

“I love the openness about sex that Durex encourages, and I think this contest is such a hot way to help couples live out their fantasies in the bedroom or other rooms,” said Bridget Marquardt. “Why settle for sex that is just OK when amazing pleasure is attainable for everyone? I am a true believer that the brain is our most powerful sex organ—thinking and talking about sex is a huge turn-on, once people get passionate about their passions.”

Bridget rocks a gold bikini and challenges Princess Leia to a duel..

Clearly, I did not interview Bridget (I snagged these quotes from a PRNewswire press release). If I had interviewed her, I would have been way more curious about what sex with Hugh Hefner was like than some Durex win-a-hotel-room contest. I used to be obsessed with the Girls Next Door, before the original cast peaced out to marry sports stars and bone magicians. I have all the original seasons. I named my cat Hefner (he, like his namesake, lived in a house full of girls…albeit girls much less silicone).

Anyways, go tell your sex stories and win this room! If you do, please bring me there or at least report back on the sex swing status. Also please tell me your crazy sex stories. You won’t win anything other than my adoration.


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