The Human Marshmallow (sort of)–Would You Eat It?

Aww, how cute (image by Cooksta7575)

When I went vegan, I had to give up thinks like marshmallows, jello, most gummy candies, gum, mints and other gelly things, as gelatin is produced with nasty animal byproducts like cow and pig bones and skin. Yuck!

 I don’t really miss any of that stuff, except maybe the occasional s’more, which now requires me ordering vegan mallows online (which I don’t do, because, I am lazy).

Recently, I read about a new method of making gelatin, reported by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemisty. Apparently Scientists are now working on developing human-based gelatin, as they realize that the animal-based variety can carry infectious diseases.

According to the press release, the scientists developed and demonstrated a method where human gelatin genes are inserted into a strain of yeast, which can produce gelatin with controllable features. The researchers are still testing the human-yeast gelatin to see how well it compares to other gelatins in terms of its viscosity and other attributes.

I find this to be pretty disgusting—recently someone asked if I would eat “meat” made in a Petri dish. While Petri-meat and human-based gelatin may not contribute to the slaughtering of animals—which is a step in the right direction—it is still weirdly unnatural, and I am still going to stay away from it.

Any opinions on this weird Franken-gel? How about Petri-meat? Would you eat it, vegan or not?


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3 Responses to The Human Marshmallow (sort of)–Would You Eat It?

  1. iandanger says:

    Well, I’m not against the idea, some people are really into gelatin products and this could help them go Vegan, but as a rule, I’d rather just use pectin and get slightly less awesome results. I mean, how much is it costing my life to have to go to Whole Foods and spend a lot of money on the rare occasion I want mellows? Until I get a stand mixer anyway…

  2. the idea itself is gross, but it is worth a thought. Considering the impending population boom and current society’s dependence on meat as part of their diets, it may be the only option to provide meat in a relatively more sustainable manner. Though I don’t condone consuming animal products myself, I would rather people eat insects. There are a number of cultures that already practice this habit, which is quite sensible one. Pound for pound, insects provide more protein than meat as well as ‘good’ fats. In addition, they are in abundance, need little effort in terms of care and are far more environmentally friendly.

    • sexytofu says:

      Wow, that’s am interestimg thought! In Jonathon Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals he makes the case it would be more sensible for us to eat dogs than cows/pigs/chickens, given how many dogs we euthanize in the US everyday. Not that I want to eat pups or condone others doing so, looking at things from a different perspective like that is always great.

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