Step 3) Expose Yourself

I know I constantly jabber on about the hilarious things people Google to get to However, non can top the dumb-ass search that showed up today…drum-roll please:

How to flash boobs at truckers driving by my house.

I am going to answer this because clearly if this person cannot figure this out for themselves, there is no hope for them. They NEED me. So, to little miss Mystery Novice Truck-Flasher:

Step 1) Get out in front of your house, which ( I am assuming) is in a place where lots of truckers pass, so by house you must mean trailer on the side of a major freeway. (Be sure to be braless, which makes for easier range of flashing. Unless you are super ninja stealth with the bra removal like that guy I dated in the 10th grade who actually practiced with his sister’s bra and a pillow.)

Step 2) Wait for truck to rumble past your house (trailer).

Step 3) Expose yourself.

Step 4) Get a real job. Seriously. Who ARE you? Last weekend I wound up at a bar down south that, until recently, had been named Cattle Annie’s.  I must have seen you there, grinding on that dude with a mullet drinking a King Cobra.


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