Not-So Green Thumb

To say that I am a fan of vegetables is a bit of an understatement; I have a cat named Zucchini. So when spring starts emerging, I begin to get increasingly excited for all of the wonderful produce that arrives in the warmer seasons. I try my best to eat seasonally, so the things I have been avoiding all winter—like tomatoes and cukes—are now possibilities again!

A frequenter of farmer’s markets, I am a bit embarrassed to say I never have had my own garden. There is a huge organic veggie patch at the farm my mom lives at in Newtown, Conn., and I grew up with a very large garden in my backyard. However, aside from picking and eating the veggies that came around each spring and summer (I had a ‘two in the mouth and one in the basket’ rule of thumb) , I never really had much to do with the gardening itself.  In college dorms and housing, I never had the opportunity—or the space—to plant my own garden.

This spring, I plan on planting. I know, I know, I’m already a bit behind! But I move into my apartment on June 1st and plan on sticking something in the ground that very first weekend. I know planting something and watching it grow will be extremely rewarding, both for my peace of mind and my wallet!

Plus, I will be eating both local and organic, which is good for me and the world around me. The idea of self-sustainability hops me up; I am thoroughly impressed by people who plant their own food and then preserve it far past its season by canning, freezing and making jams. However, I know I  have a long way to go before I am handing out jars of home-made jam at holiday time. For now, a couple of tomato plants and some swiss chard will do just fine. Cross your fingers and wish me luck!


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