Alicia Leaves Fans Clueless

I love Alicia Silverstone. I feel like we could actually be friends, like if we met she would be excited to come on over to my house, make chickpea cutlets , knit cruelty-free sweaters and cuddle. Delusions aside, I have always had her back–even when other vegans were ripping her apart for admitting to indulge in a cube of cheese every now and then. However, I must say I am a bit confused at her choice of name for her new bundle of love. Her son’s name, Bear Blu, is a curious choice for a vegan to name their offspring. I understand the naming after an animal–after all, most vegans do adore animals. And while bears are super cool and cute when they’re young, they are also pretty, well, terrifying! Why not name her little boy Zebra or Elephant, or another less aggressive, less carnivoristic mammal. Perhaps Bear Blue is named after Yogi Bear, or maybe a nice cuddly panda? I’m sure the Clueless star has a kick-ass reason for naming her son after a massive, scary but intelligent animal with a knack for getting into garbage cans and mauling the occasional boyscout..I just wish I knew what it was!


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