Alaska is No. 1..for Chlamydia

The first reason I would never move to Alaska is because of the frrrrreezing temperatures (despite that I have heard it is quite lovely). The second reason is because they rank  No. 1  in the country for the most cases of Chlamydia and No.2 for Gonorrhea (No. 1 for Gonorrhea is Mississippi. Go figure). State public health officials have ranked Alaska in the top two leading Chlamydia-ridden states since 2000. Since undiagnosed Chlamydia is one of the leading causes of infertility, this could lead to big issues for Alaskans. I assume the STD rates are so high because it is so damn cold out, everyone chooses to hibernate, and the best way to pass time during a long season of hibernation is to get it on. Trust me, I know. I’m part bear..


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