Florida Doc Trades Services For, Uhm, Services


What’s worse? Sex trafficking or drug trafficking? How about when a doctor is caught trading narcotic prescriptions for sex? Florida Doctor Scott Barren Oster was arrested recently following an investigation that pinned the hornball Doc writing prescriptions in exchange for sex with female patients.

The undercover operation went down at hotel in Palm Beach, where three agents—two female and one male— met Oster. Oster wrote two prescriptions for Percocets and handed it over to the male agent, who was then supposed to leave so he could get down with the two females. Instead, he was arrested.

Later in the PBSO headquarters, Oster stated “I let my little head think for my big head.” He is being held for two counts of trafficking with a bail set at 1 million. I wonder if the women he had been trading drugs-for-sex with are feeling disgusted with themselves? More likely they are just worried about where to get their pills from now…


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