Vegan Abroad

Sorry about the lapse in posts this past week; I have been traveling, first to Hawaii and then on to Taiwan to meet up with my mom and spend some time visiting my 2nd cousin Greg and his wife Chao.

While traveling is always exciting, a long trip like this means spending a lot of time in the airport. I spent two back-to-back days going from New York to Salt Lake City to Honolulu, spending the night on my uncles couch and then getting up early the next morning to fly from Honolulu to Narita to (finally!) Taipei. I basically gave up on finding vegan eats in the airport years ago, and so I always pack tons of snacks when I travel, stuffing my carry-on with so much fruit and nuts it probably looks like I am smuggling an army of pygmy marmosets up under my skirt. However, I was really impressed with the vegan options in the airports I stopped of at last week. I am not sure when traveling became so vegan friendly (probably since Oprah trendified it..) but I suppose can start to reconsider my fruit hoarding style of jet setting.

Ugh, I could totally go for a stack of vegan pancakes right now..

I departed from JFK and, aside from the usual smoothie shops, they actually had an entire stand dedicated to vegan options. Selections included fresh fruit and veggies, premade tofu sandwiches, salads with chickpeas, vegan pad thai and a plethora of snacks and bars. Of course, many of the premade food was sky-high with sodium and had enough calories to get me through both lunch and dinner (thank you, New York, for making it illegal not to list calorie content on all edibles) but at least there are options!

When I landed in Utah I had a few hours to walk around the airport and stretch my legs. Out of curiosity, I stopped to read a menu outside a pub-style eatery and was shocked to read nearly a dozen vegan options, all nicely labeled with a little orange V. The selection included tofu scrambles for breakfast, made-from-scratch veggie burgers served on wheat buns of on top of a salad, and a house-made hummus served with fresh-cut veggies. Way to go, Utah! Of course, in my excitement I forgot to take not of what the restaurant is called! Whoops. I promise to check it out on the return trip so I can share the name here.

I had to run to catch my connecting flight in Narita, so no opportunity to check out the food. However, China Air has a nice vegan meal option if you made sure to call ahead. I am still enjoying my travels (hoorah for three weeks off!) but promise to post more soon on vegan eating in Taiwan!


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