Website Makes Sex Easy For College Students

I read a funny article recently, titled Keyboard Cupids: Coeds Using Web for Casual Encounters Have it Too Easy, about a website created by students at the University of Chicago that allows them to schedule string-free hookups.

The article, written by Rex W. Huppke, notes that it is simply too easy for young adults these days to meet each other (in the online sense) and set up flings. Huppke laments that the website takes all the adventure (and pain) out of drunken college heavy petting a.k.a “dating.” Instead of meeting someone, pining after them for weeks and then hoping they will decide to let you drunkenly grope them in a bathroom at a local pizza place (hmm what?), students can now use a website to connect with each other and set up a time and place for rendezvous. Plus, this site takes all the guess work out of it–of course they do want to hook up; they wouldn’t be on the site if they didn’t.

Huppke writes “these kids are bypassing all the tricky stuff. It’s like teaching a young man to hunt by having him hold an arrow and then throwing the deer at his hand.” Hah!

True, technology has completely changed the field of dating. Starting with dating websites like, and advancing to modes of easy communication like Facebook and  texting. In middle school I spent hours on the phone or AIM with love interests. If texting had been available, I would have developed carpel tunnel. If this website had been available, I probably would have gotten into a lot more trouble.


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