ItsCheating.Com; New Website Defines Guidelines For Cheating

With the advancement of technology giving society a broad range of communication options unavailable to generations before, it may be hard to tell what exactly is cheating. Flirting via text with a coworker? Facebook chatting with an ex? Plus, with the new term “sex addiction” running rampant, many cheaters are scapegoating their way out of trouble.
Enter Rob Weiss, MSW, one of the world’s leading sex addiction experts, who recently helped to launch a website educating the public about the changing face of infidelity. With a plethora of social networks to choose from, an array of sexting options at your fingertips, and infidelity sites like the infamous, it’s no wonder the public is confused as to what exactly constitutes unfaithful behavior. The site also works to bring awareness to the difference between compulsive behavior that can signal sex addiction, and someone who is just committing adultery.

The website,, was launched by the Sexual Recovery Institute, in collaboration with Elements Behavioral Health, and acts as an information and resource center about cheating in the digital age.

The site’s header, and the bottom line for deciding if an action counts as cheating, reads “Infidelity is simply defined as the breaking of trust and the keeping of secrets in an intimate partnership.”  If you’re feeling guilty, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.


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