Lent Has Arrived- Break Out The Vegan Cook-Books

Today marks the first day of Lent. While many religious denominations (myself included) do not celebrate lent,  for those who do — Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Roman Catholics and more — Lent means a time of prayer and fasting. Not fasting as in giving up food, but as in avoiding some sort of addictive habit you enjoy like sugar, soda, porn or Glee.  For strict Christians, it also means giving up all meat and dairy until Easter. This is great news for the vegan community, as for the next 40 days millions of people around the world will be maintaining a vegan diet, reducing their carbon footprint and supporting — if only for a brief time — a cruelty free world. Hopefully some of them will feel so great they may even stick with it. For more info on going vegan for lent, check out this article by the New York Times, which offers yearly vegan recipes in time for Lent. How considerate. For any vegan Lenters horrified at the thought of giving up ‘milk’ chocolate until that big bunny comes, Moo Free chocolate is here to save the day. The vegan chocolate company has released a dairy free egg just in time for Easter. I know you were worried.


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