I’ll Take the Lobster- Dead or Alive

I don’t have to be vegan to find this disgusting. The Zagat Buzz  blog has posted a video of a couple of foodies — Jeremy Fisher of Dinevore,  Amy Cao of Foodspotting and Andy Freedman of Wined & Dined — stopping by New York’s 15 East to try a unique specialty: live lobster. This is not a raw oyster special, folks — these cranky crustaceans are still moving from plate to fork. Gag! From the first course of lobster sashimi to tempura and miso soup, these food fanatics make themselves feel better by rationalizing the experience with comments like “but, lobsters are always cooked raw,” and “well, since we are eating the whole lobster there is no waste,”  or “they have no central nervous system.” Whatever helps you sleep at night! No judgements here, but personally, I just don’t think I could stomach eating live anything, central nervous system or not, nor could I stomach the hefty 12o dollar bill — the cost of this tasty treat.


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