A Decade of Sex Trends

While it might be a bit dated, I just found this yourtango.com article by Kristen Meinzer depicting the top sex trends of the 00’s. It’s pretty lengthy, so if you’re in a time crunch, here’s  a quick recap:

2000- The Year of Casual Sex– I was eleven when the millennium hit, so I guess I remember it as the year of casual making out in basements.

2001-The Year of Wedded Sex- This year showed a spike in marriage rates, possibly due to tragedy of September 11th and/or Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey tying the knot and then filming The Newlyweds..should have been called The Year of Terrible Reality TV. Oh wait, that is reserved for 2009 with the start of The Jersey Shore.

2002- The Year of The Dominatrix- Several movies and books featuring sadomasochism were released, along with a British  doll maker producing a Dungeon Doll Barbie. Wonder what Mattel had to say?

2003-Year of the Cougar- Way to go, Demi! Although I will never understand how anyone could give up Bruce Willis..she must not have seen Die Hard.

2004-The Year of the Sex Tape- Blah blah, Paris Hilton, blah blah Carrie Prejean.

2005- The Year of Knocking Up Your Girlfriend- I think this is pretty much an annual occurrence, but celebrities made it super trendy this year.

2006- The Year Without Panties- Celebs like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears decided it was cool to go commando while wearing mini skirts.

2007-The Year of the Threesome- Apparently a good year for a ménage à trois. Go figure.

2008-The Year of Gay- That’s more than a little offensive, but I guess it was a good year for gays as far as marriage legislation and celebrity outings..

2009-The Year of the Cheating- Tiger swings more than a golf club, along with Jon Gosselin and Josh Duhamel. Oy vay.

The yourtango.com article never got around to 2010, so I suppose I will have to label it myself.
2010- The Year of Sex Addiction- Tiger may have started it, but Dr. Oz certainly egged it on and before you could say “herpes,” everyone seemed to have it. Other celebs like David Duchovny and Russel Brand felt left out and checked in for treatment as well.

So what’s next for sex in 2011? Only time will tell, but I foresee social media continuing to grow to absurd heights including twexting, sexy thoughts to your @significantother in 140 characters or less. Avatar’s box office boom in 2010  will cause 3D animation to appear in places it shouldn’t— like porn. Apparently lace is making a comeback this year, and so celebrities (and Jersey Shore cast members) will probably begin wearing it sans underwear, so we have that to look forward to.


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