Manscaping; How Green Should Your Grass Be?

I wanted to take a bit of time to talk about a subject that doesn’t often get  much fresh air, and that’s the delicate art of manscaping.

Man·scap·ing (verb)
1. To improve the appearance of your manly goods, as by trimming,  waxing, shaving, braiding, grooming, or otherwise altering the contours of the grounds.
2. To tidy your junk.

Let me preface by saying that not all men are into manscaping. That’s cool – everyone should do as they want with their own bodies. However, lots of dudes (or so I have been told) do think about manscaping. This includes your everyday gentleman,neat-freaks, those with trichophobia, Italians and others who feel the need to clear the runway for landing. So, if you feel like sprucing up your moose, you gotta ask yourself; how much is too much?

If you house an overwhelming jungle down-under, it really is common courtesy to take some scissors to the area once in a while — if you want someone to spend time down there, you should at least have the decency to provide an inviting atmosphere.

Avoid creating playful shapes and designs. No one will think it’s cute if you shave their initials into your junk. It just shows you have too much time and/or watch too much porn (they usually go hand in hand).

Now for those of you who shave your entire area because you think it makes you look bigger, let me tell you — everybody is onto you buddy. You’re not foolin’ anyone, so you may as well leave things a little mossy so you can avoid looking like a four-year-old. Nobody wants to be reminded of the toddler they nannied for a summer every time you take off your pants…

So, to recap: Do as you want with your own bits and pieces. But if you think you’re grass could use a little mowing, then your lady or manfriend probably thinks so too. Avoid weird shapes (and of course, never ever use hair-dye) and completely clearing the area — it may make you look bigger, but it will also make you appear freakishly pre-pubescent. Nobody likes a manchild.


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3 Responses to Manscaping; How Green Should Your Grass Be?

  1. Jeff says:

    To each his own I say. Me, I have it all shaved off down there,up my stomach and back. Everything else it trimmed up so I look good. I lost some weight so now the body really looks good. I will keep the weight off while I work on my 6 pack.

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