Vegan Love: Words of Advice on Dating a Vegan

We don't all look this depressed...

In case you weren’t already aware, some people think that dating a vegan is a pretty big deal. Many meat-munchers probably have nightmares about their significant others jumping on the leafy green train — my own boyfriend was quite startled when I made the big move from vegetarian to vegan. “But..what about when we go out to eat? What about the ice-cream!?!” he asked with sheer panic in his voice.

Looking around online, there are many resources for dating a vegan if you still enjoy a bloody, I mean, juicy steak. At you can learn that vegans are not merely strange tofu guzzling creatures but in fact just as loving (if not more so) than any other being. You will also learn that there are two different kinds of vegans, those who can respect your meaty mindset and those who can’t. You will also learn that the author can’t spell “those.” lends some informative advice on how to date a vegan. Some key pointers include respect their choices, get your back-ground info straight and don’t bombard your partner with questions or criticisms about their lifestyle. Gee, sort of sounds like some pretty sound advice for all kinds of dating, meaty or not.

If you are a vegan and can’t seem to find the right animal-loving counterpart, there are resources for that too, including and The last site has a lovely header photo of a man feeding a woman a carrot..whoa, sign me up!

When it comes down to it, some vegans are super hard-core and may not even consider getting down with a non-vegan. Others, myself included, would love to find someone they can be veganamorous with, but wouldn’t call it a deal-breaker if their guy or gal eats meat. Just like I would hate being judged for my dietary choices, I try not to harass my boyfriend about his — although I won’t kiss him after he eats hotdogs. That particular flavor lingers for hours, and a girl has gotta draw the line somewhere, vegan or no vegan.

My final words of wisdom on dating a vegan:

  • Be upfront and honest. Don’t gag down endless Tofurkey burgers and pretend to be down with it. It will only make you resentful.
  • Find out wether or not it bothers your mate if you eat meat in front of them. If it does, plan your carnivorous eating when you’re out of eyesight.
  • Be sensitive, but don’t compromise your needs. Don’t wear the leather jacket around your date if you know it makes their insides turn, but don’t kick your leather sofa to the curb.

Another question about vegan lovin’ that is propositioned with an odd rate of frequency: can vegans swallow? eeeew. I will let Yahoo Answers tackle that question for you…


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2 Responses to Vegan Love: Words of Advice on Dating a Vegan

  1. sunshinefreedomandalittleflower says:

    I particularly love the idea of vegan dating sites!

    • sexytofu says:

      me too, especially if you live somewhere that has a very small — or non-existant— vegan community. I live in a small town in VA where I don’t know a single other vegan from my area!

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