Pizza Party!

Whenever I tell people I am vegan, I always get the obligatory but what do you eat?! questions thrown at me. You don’t eat eggs? No. No fish? No. Cheese? No. Pizza!? Why, yes!! Nothing could stand in the way of my love for a gooey slice of pizza. Being vegan only means my pizza is yes, dairy free, and actually pretty healthy.

You can buy all sorts of vegan cheese to  slather your pie in, but I have found my all time favorite way to dress a pizza is in Veganomicon’s cashew ricotta. The stuff is like crack. Plus, it’s full of protein! I pile it on my pizza, add some sauce, a garden’s worth of veggies, and top it off with a little nutritional yeast for a parmesany finish.

Voila! A healthy, tasty, vegan creation that even my carnivorous boyfriend enjoys. I get to have my pizza, and eat it too!

Although we often like to make our own dough, Ben and I were feeling lazy. We decided to make our pizzas on whole wheat tortillas for a quick pizza fix. I cut mine into slices, and he rolled his into a pizza burrito. It made a mess, but he looked pretty happy with himself.

Ben's pizza, pre burrito roll...

This particular pizza was piled high with caramelized onions, mushrooms. spinach and jalapenos. Delish! How do you like your vegan pizza?


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