Eat Your Veggies, Drink Your..Nuts?

A nice juicy article, compliments of The Wall Street Journal, came out today on covering the rise in popularity of almond milk. The in-depth piece talked about all the reasons the drink is the next big thing, becoming even more popular than soy milk, which contains high levels of estrogen. The piece compared the beverage to all the different non-dairy milks, including coconut milk and rice milk. The comparisons included nutritional info and categories like “In Coffee,”  “On Cereal,” and “Dunking Cookies.” Almond milk is personally my favorite non-dairy drink, although I strongly prefer Blue Diamond Almond Breeze over Silk’s option, the latter of which leaves a strange after-taste in my mouth, like I have just eaten a ton of artificial sweetener.

Of course, with the sale of Almond milk sky-rocketing, it doesn’t take a genius to guess who isn’t so thrilled. The dairy industry is spilling some pretty sour milk. To pull from the article:

Last spring, the Arlington, Va.-based National Milk Producers Federation, which lobbies for dairy farmers, wrote a letter to the Food and Drug Administration asking for a crackdown on use of the word “milk” on dairy alternatives.

In the letter, the federation president, Jerry Kozak, called almond milk and other alternatives “plant-derived imitation products.” The letter says the products aren’t as nutritious as cow’s milk because they don’t typically contain as much calcium naturally, but instead are calcium-fortified, and the body may not absorb as much of it.

The dairy industry is proposing the replacement of the word “milk” with “drink” or “beverage.” Can changing one word trump the slow decline of dairy milk sales? I’m not so convinced.


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