Sexual Activity and Smart Phones

*names have been changed to avoid angry emails from friends and family members

In 2010, a buzz was made when a study was released stating that the type of smart phone people choose to buy could give insight into their sex lives. A girlfriend of mine admitted to cringing when a guy she agreed to go out with picked her up in a flashy red coupe.Can material possessions such as electronics and cars give insight into not only your personality, but your sexual habits?

The smartphone study was put on by the dating website OkCupid, in which nearly 10,000 people filled out a survey with a variety of information, including their number of sexual partners and the type of phone they have. The iPhone topped the chart, with Blackberry squashed in the middle the Android bringing up the rear. According to the study, iPhone users had between four and six more sexual partners by the age of 30 than their droided-out neighbors.

The idea that those who prefer bling get around can translate into car-talk as well. While seeing a fire-engine red car in your driveway doesn’t mean your date is a womanizer or man-eater, it could give insight into their values. Often, those who opt for flashy cars (or handbags and shoes) over practical ones tend to be more materialistic and even egocentric or insecure. 

John*, a 60-year-old IT specialist once informed me that men of the “geekier” variety (like himself) prefer the Android over the iPhone, so that could have something to do with the number of sexual partners they have racked up as well. (However, John was also a notorious skirt-chaser in his younger years, so like any generalization, there are always exceptions to the rule.)

Peter*, a 22-year-old who would buy a Porsche in a heartbeat and prefers the iPhone to the Android, has had only one sexual partner, his long-term (and long distance!) girlfriend. He claims this is because he thinks Apple makes a superior product, and well, a Porsche is nice to look at and fun to drive.

While brand names and car colors may not correlate directly to your sexual prowess, they may generally give insight into other personality traits that contribute to things such as your likelihood to commit or interest in experimentation. Those who value the reputation and instant gratification of flashier items  may be less inclined to commit to long-term relationships and prefer the instant gratification of short flings and one night stands.

As for the OkCupid study, the numbers may not lie, but people certainly do. One must also take into account that the individuals surveyed could  have been lying about their numbers, which could mean  that while iPhone holders many not actually have more partners, they may be more inclined to  brag or feel the need to overcompensate, or that Android and Blackberry users are more modest.

So while research does seem to point out that those who value high-end material possessions may have more sexual partners for whatever reason, don’t go dumping your man-candy because of his car or cellphone —unless he would rather spend quality time with his Angry Birds app than with you.


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3 Responses to Sexual Activity and Smart Phones

  1. merut says:

    I agree to some extent. While I don’t think that the phone you buy or the car you drive can be super revealing about your personal life, it does demonstrate your values. If you spend a lot of money on an expensive car, then you may be superficial (or rich). But you still need to get to know the person to determine if your original assessment is accurate.

  2. sexytofu says:

    Exactly! “While brand names and car colors may not correlate directly to your sexual prowess, they may generally give insight into other personality traits..” Still an interesting and surprising survey result..

  3. My best advice: On stage 3-12. Start the small blue bird, tap screen to split into three birds, then launch the next bird (yellow) to attempt to get them to collide.

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