Spread Love This Year – Adopt!

In light of the new year, my boyfriend Ben and I headed down to the Humane Society this past weekend to get ourselves a cuddly new room-mate. I was happy to see that the place was more crowded than a Whole Foods at lunchtime, and dogs and cats were being adopted left and right. After circling the room full of cats and kittens for a few minutes, I picked up a sweet looking tabby cat who immediately  turned to (vegan) butter in my arms. About thirty seconds into our cuddle-sesh, he looked up at me and sneezed super-loud, sending a huge string of goop right into my face, which I had to remove with a piece of toilet paper from the bathroom. Needless to say, it was love at first uhm..snot..and we decided to take him home.

I’m not the only one who thinks adopting a shelter animal is cooler than a kale salad. Not that I’ve been Bieberized or anything, but Justin Bieber recently gave Peta2 the skinny on his love for animals.  He encourages his fans to adopt from shelters with his new PSA for Peta2, which reads “My World Includes Compassion For Animals. Yours Should Too.”  While that poster won’t be hanging on my bedroom wall anytime soon, I am excited that the pop-tart is using his fame to spread a good message.


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