Say Whaa?

I know I have posted previously about the weird searches people enter into Google or some other browser of choice and somehow manage to stumble upon my blog. But yesterday’s list was a perfect mix of sex, tofu, terrible spelling and strange fetishes. I thought I would share:

anal girl 2
why can’t we use balloon instead of condom 1
fat boys sit poping balloon 1
student sexy 1
vegan cakes with tofu 1
sexy anal girl 1
favourite dirt talk phrases 1
risotto sex 1
vegan chocolate coconut cake 1
american geisha 1

I think the only person who got what they were looking for was the “vegan chocolate coconut” search, but my favorite has got to be, hands down, “risotto sex.” I hope the person interested in subbing condoms for balloons got the answers they were looking for….


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5 Responses to Say Whaa?

  1. Amy says:

    These are hilarious! I especially like #2. LOL.

  2. I bet risotto sex is a popular fetish in Italy. It’s also the most awesome post tag ever.

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