Pumpkin Risotto

Even though Autumn has passed, I am still on a bit of a pumpkin craze. Recently Alex and I cooked up a big batch of pumpkin risotto that was so delish, it was hard for us not to hoard it all for ourselves.

To be honest, risotto is a pretty big pain in the ass. In all those reality TV cooking shows, there is always some angry chef running around screaming at contestants because they are “ruining the risotto.” I never knew what the big deal was until I tried making it for myself. The dish requires near constant attention, which is a problem because I sometimes have the attention span of a two year old at a theme park. To make a super creamy risotto you have to continuously add liquid, wait for it to cook off, and add more. This is frustrating for me, because I just want the damn meal to be done so I can put it in my mouth already. But patience is a virtue (whatever the heck that means!) and in the case of the pumpkin risotto, it was worth it.

What made our meal extra special was the fact we roasted our own pumpkin — not the bright orange jack-o-lantern variety, but the type of pumpkin that is used for canning. This type of pumpkin — called the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin (is that vegan!?) — lives in the Cucurbita Moschata family, along with the butternut squash, with which it shares a similar coloring. Anyways, I suggest roasting your own, because the results are far superior.

Here I am happily gloating with our creation, and sporting a glorious case of red-eye.

See that gleam in my eye?

Unfortunately I can’t find the recipe we used, or else I would post it for you to enjoy (or would I!?). Anyways, if I were to do it again I would try this recipe from the Post Punk Kitchen. Isa Chandra Moskowitz has never steered me wrong before.

A cheesy kinda pumpkin.


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3 Responses to Pumpkin Risotto

  1. mattruscigno says:

    That looks a lot like the Cuban Squash I found in a market here in Los Angeles: http://truelovehealth.com/2010/10/21/crapaudback/
    Was delicious!

  2. “To make a super creamy risotto you have to continuously add liquid, wait for it to cook off, and add more.” Not true! You can make perfectly creamy risotto in the microwave oven, without the need to stir it constantly. If you don’t believe me, ask vegan cookbook guru (and author of the best vegan Italian cookbook, Nonna’s Italian Kitchen) Bryanna Clark Grogan – or try it out for yourself.

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