An Ode to Dry Roasted Edamame

I stumbled upon a new favorite snack while browsing the healthy people section at Kroger: Sea Point Farms’ Dry Roasted Edamame, Wasabi style. They are high in protein, crunchy and delicious with just the right level of heat that gives a little tingle but doesn’t make my nose run, making them appropriate to eat in public and the perfect plane food for me to bring to California when I visit Ben.  (No one wants a snotty, sweaty person munching weird spicy vegan snacks in the seat next to them.)

I do have a few qualms with the product, however. The first is that the snack isn’t organic, a major bah-humbug. The second came when I found myself bored on said flight to California and scrutinized the label. Despite being grown in California, they are packaged in China? Hmmm. Anyways, you can’t always get everything you want, and I like these salty little suckers.


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