Alicia’s Big Vegan Blunder

The grass is greener on Alicia's side...

Vegans all over are in a tizzy about Alicia Silverstone’s confession to US Magazine that she cheats on her vegan diet. While I obviously support the vegan lifestyle and understand it takes a strong commitment to adhere to, I think everyone needs to cut the girl some slack. In the article she expresses that the key to a healthy lifestyle is flexibility and rationality. If she slips up and has a piece of cheese (like she admits to doing) than it will be healthier for her to accept it and move on than obsess over it. No one is perfect – I still drool over the occasional leather handbag – and accepting people for their humanity is important. Plus, at least the girl is comfortable enough with herself to admit she may occasionally fall off the vegan-train, which means you probably won’t find her hiding out in her house scarfing a block of sharp cheddar. She is, and has been, a great supporter of the vegan community. Her book, The Kind Diet, has helped many vegan newbies– myself included – dip their toes into the vegan pond, and her recipes are delish. You go, Alicia.


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5 Responses to Alicia’s Big Vegan Blunder

  1. Here Here!
    Couldn’t agree more.

  2. Agreed! Vegans need to chill out some times. Being insane about veganism IMHO is detrimental to the animals because it turns people off so much. Be strict with yourself, but no need to make it a public issue when someone is less strict. Right?

    • sexytofu says:

      This is how I feel too. In many aspects of life, from dietary choices to religion, people take their beliefs to a fanatical level, which can do more harm than good. It often turns people off, and can even be detrimental to their well being. Living your life in accordance to your beliefs is different than letting your beliefs control your life. Everyone needs to chill out and breath easy! Plus, as a vegan I hate when people judge my dietary habits. I try my best never to judge others for theirs.

  3. plamarie says:

    Agreed! At least she is being honest.

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