A Shroomy Surprise

A while back Alex called me up and invited me over for dinner with a proposal I couldn’t refuse: “some guy gave me a bag of mushrooms he picked himself and I wanna cook them up.” After making sure they weren’t the kind of mushrooms that were going to send me on a crazy trip (or a trip to the bathroom..), I jetted on over, expecting some cute little button shroomies or maybe at best some shitakes.

When I arrived, however, I was delighted to discover that what Alex had in her brown paper bag of earthy treasures was chicken of the woods, a delicious mushroom that has a texture and flavor that many think tastes like chicken. It is supposedly relatively common in the woods in North America, but I had only stumbled across a sampling of it once before, while working at Health In A Hurry. Apparently Wild Man Steve Brill once found an enormous chicken of the woods mushroom in the woods at my mom and Tim’s farm, but I wasn’t around to get a piece of that action.

We made a quick stir-fry, which we served over fried quinoa, and it was heavenly. The sweet, meaty treats did indeed remind me of chicken, although that really doesn’t say much considering I haven’t eaten any chicken in years, which stunts my range of comparison. The shrooms were so good that Alex and I ooohed and ahhed until the neighbors upstairs started banging on the floor with a broom, assuming Alex was indulging in a different kind of sweet meat. No, that really didn’t happen, but if it did I would have been too excited about the damn mushrooms in my mouth to notice.

Chicken of the woods in the woods...

Chicken of the woods on my fork...

My pretty mama with a huge mushroom from the property!

all set for cooking!


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