My 6.00 Vegan Treat

I like to support local business, and here in Lynchburg one of my favorite places is the White Hart coffee shop. For the fall (quickly becoming my favorite season) they offer a ‘fall spice latte’ which is a mixture of delicious spices (nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, etc) and a drizzle of maple syrup with fair trade, organic expresso and steamed soy milk all sexed up in my mug. It is so sensual in fact, that a 16 oz cost me 6.10. I try and make myself feel better about this outrageousness by reminding myself I am supporting local business, fair trade products, vegan goodness and that they only offer this treat for a few short months so I won’t be able to completely drain my bank account.

Here I am enjoying my deliciousness at 8 AM on a Saturday after a trip to the farmer’s market with Alex.


Here is Alex upset because when our drinks arrived, unlike me,  she was too sweet to take it back and politely ask for a new one sans whipped cream, thus the plate of whipped cream she tried to scoop off…

not so happy...

In all of its glory...


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