Someone had a little too much Halloween candy..

I love the fall and its plethora of tasty eats. My favorites? Apples, sweet potatoes, butternut and acorn squash, and pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin! I near had a heart attack last spring when I went to get a can of organic pumpkin to make me some muffins and found out that – don’t panic – even canned pumpkin is now considered seasonal!! That meant I had to wait until fall to get it, when actual pumpkins are  in season and I can roast one up and puree it myself. The ridiculous of this still amazes me, and you should have seen me arguing with the poor Kroger employee as if she made the executive decision herself. Isn’t the entire point of canning to preserve and extend the life of produce and make them enjoyable year-round? So now, I plan on hoarding mass cans of pumpkin in my cupboard like I’m stocking a bomb shelter, cause I don’t want to even imagine having to wait another year to enjoy my favorite canned treat again. Alright, off to go make a vegan pumpkin-nut smoothie.


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2 Responses to Pumpkinhead

  1. Mo says:

    Haha! That pumpkin is awesome!

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