You Want to Suck My What!?!

A little late night photo-booth session gone weird?

So I know Twilight hit some people harder than others, but apparently there is some massive craze in high schools around the country of teenagers taking hickeys to a whole new level and actually ‘feeding’ off of one another. That’s right, biting each-other’s necks and drinking. I mean, while they are at it they might as well just take a bite and start chewing. ‘Cause that’s not cannibalism or anything, right? Right? Wrong.

This made news way back in July, but since I am behind on everything this is just now freakin’ my freak. I know the whole vampire mania is hot to some but can’t these twihards just put in some fake plastic teeth on halloween and get their fix that way?  Plus, there is already enough danger of getting AIDS and other blood-based diseases from unprotected sex and drug needles, let alone just drinking it straight in. And is it sexual satisfaction these teenagers are getting out of this nasty little trend? I find that hard to believe, and I consider myself pretty damn open minded. When I was bored in high-school I just found new places to get naked, but I guess times are-a-changing. Regardless, you won’t find me with my mouth to anyone’s neck, because I might have a biased oppinion, but I am pretty sure that is so not vegan.


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