I Whip My Hair..

So on Saturday while driving to the I AM WOMAN 5K in Lynchburg– which raised 10 grand for the Children’s Miracle Network!– I caught the end of a particularly obnoxious hip hop song that sounded like it was sung by a fourth grader. Nearly the entire song consisted of a repeated barrage of  the lyrics “I whip my hair back and forth.” For some reason, I stuck it out through the end and am so glad I did. Apparently, it was sung by a fourth grader- Will Smith’s 9-year-old daughter, Willow, to be exact.

At first I was like, damn, they just keep gettin’ younger. First it was Miley Cyrus rollin’ in at 15, then Justin Beiber and now a 9 year old? Then I thought, well good for her…Talk about braggin’ rights at slumber parties, girl already has a song out. While boys who enter stardom too soon often run the risk of losing vocal talent to puberty, Willow will most likely only get better with age.

Later at dinner with some friends I brought the subject up and we began to catechize big willie’s style. To let your 9–year–old daughter enter into the world of drug/sex infused hip-hop is really a show of questionable parenting. While both Cyrus and Beiber were young when they started their music careers, the pop-tarts were at least considered teenagers and the country and pop industries, while still often provocative, don’t positively wreak of sex the way the hip-hop industry does. Not that I am dissing hip-hop, but no one can deny that the majority of it, or at least the mainstream focus, is well..sexy.

I checked out the lyrics later on and saw that while the main content of the song is the hair whippin’ chorus, it also includes verses such as:

Hop up out the bed turn my swag on
Pay no attention to them haters cuz we whip em off
and we aint doing nothing wrong
so dont tell me nothing, i’m just tryna have fun
so keep the party jumping

Now I wanna know what she means by keepin’ the “party jumping.’ When I was in fourth grade, the only party that was jumping was one located in a moon bounce.

Willow, who is absolutely adorable with her Rihanna-esque coif  and kickin’ dance moves, will undoubtedly experience things no one her age should in an industry absolutely not designed for children.

Daddy knows best!


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