Habit Helper


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This site, HabitForge, helps you form new habits effectively. The free site allows you to type in your goal—ie: make my bed, eat more vegetables, stop leaving bars with strangers— and then sends you a message every day for 21 days (the length of time it takes to form a habit) asking if you have completed your goal for the day. If yes, you continue on your way, if no, you will feel real guilty and have to start back at day one. You can also join groups to see the habit goals of others and secretly feel superior when they fail..I mean and support friends who are also using the site.


Woohoo! Virtual Self Improvement..



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One Response to Habit Helper

  1. Justin Beck says:

    What makes 21 days the magic number? And is it the same for breaking a habit? A friend of mine pointed out that he’s given up drinking for Lent, 40 days I think, but he’s still drinking today.

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