Screw the Sunday Morning Paper…

I spent this rainy Sunday morning poking about on  a funny UK Men’s humor (or should I call it humour) site, called Asylum. Between a few zany articles (Ikea lets 100 cats loose in their stores for publicity!?) there are some pretty interesting story ideas: Asylum interviews female porn stars asking what guys do to ruin the moment, a 3-D Wonderbra advertisement, some of the female members of the Czech Republic political party make a sexy calender–proving sex and politics can indeed successfully mix– regardless of what Bill Clinton has to say about it, and wait..wait for it..a totally news-worthy coughcough article that girls only make-out with other girls only for male attention coughnoshitcough.  Anyways, I had a lovely Sunday morning mucking about on the site, got few chuckles out of it and thought it deserved a nice little post.  I will now spend the rest of the day wondering why I am amused by men’s humour instead of getting all up in arms about the way they degradingly depict all of female kind. The feminist in me must be hibernating, hung-over, or holed up somewhere reading Virginia Woolf.

Oh, there is my inner feminist this Sunday morning..


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