Thanks to the New Yorker!

Hoorah! Lizzie Widdicombe’s article is out in the New Yorker, September 20 edition. I’d be a doll and link you to it, but it’s subscription only, so all you can view online if you don’t have a subscription is the abstract. Go find a print edition however, so you can stand back in awe of my (and my mama’s) infamy in ink. In case you missed my previous post that I wrote in anticipation of the edition’s release, the article is about fourteen-year-old fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson, who recently styled a shoot at my mom’s farm. After giving note to the location of the farm (“an organic-moss farm in Newtown, Connecticut” )Widdicombe  goes on to describe what Tavi wore on the shoot, and then continues with “the farmer, a middle-aged woman in a straw hat, asked, ‘Who’s she?’
Steve answered, ‘She’s got a fashion blog.’
The farmer nodded. ‘My daughter’s twenty-two. She has a blog called Sexy Tofu. She writes about her two favorite things–food and sex.'”

Not sure what’s better; The fact that anybody who is anybody (meaning anybody who knows I am the aforementioned daughter-which is nobody) now knows that my two favorite things are food and sex, or the fact that I can now call the farm phone and ask for “the middle aged-woman in a straw hat.” Ha, at least my mama is a good sport and not offended. It’s a great article so seriously, go read it.

Okay, back to the test kitchen. Working on a big batch of mochanut vegan ice-cream! MmmMmm


About SexyTofu

Good food. Good sex. Good fun.
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5 Responses to Thanks to the New Yorker!

  1. Annie says:

    Aloha Zoe, so now that I am forced to embrace the fact that at almost 56, I am indeed “middle aged” (cause it’s in print in The New Yorker!) I better up my exercise and health routine as I will be living to 112!
    love ya kiddo, from your farmermama.

  2. Mike Roth says:

    The mention of your blog in the article is why I’m here checking it out. I like what I see!

  3. danielle says:

    it is how i found your blog. i read the new yorker today!

  4. Diva says:

    Yeah, that’s why I’m checking out your blog too! Read the article and loved it, and was intrigued by what this blog, “sexy tofu” was all about (also love the name!). Shows good writing on the author’s part how she connected the two. Liking what I see so far and adding it to my RSS subscription!

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