Thanks, Ma!

In case you’re not a frequent reader (don’t worry, I’ll never know) you may be unaware that my lovely mother,Annie Stiefel, is the in-resident chef at Sticks and Stones Farm, the funky-fresh rock and moss farm in Newtown, Ct. Yes, a rock and moss farm. They also have organic vegetables, a rock and moss labyrinth, 60 acres of woods to hike, and beautiful cabins. So if you live in the area you should probably get your ass over there and have yourself a good ol’ crunchy time. Anyways, they also often have photo-shoots on the property, because it is so beautiful. And by often, I mean that it has happened twice. But the most recent shoot was for a spread just published in the BlackBook magazine September 2010 issue. The model featured in the shoot was super gorgy  Christine Staub (daughter of Real Housewives of New Jersey’s cast member Danielle) , but even cooler was that the stylist was Tavi Gevinson. Tavi was discovered in 2008 at age twelve through-drum roll please- her blog!  I am fashionably slow, but apparently she has a real eye for fashion and wisdom far beyond her years.  I mean, way to make me feel unproductive, Tavi. At fourteen I was boy-crazy and climbing out of my bedroom window at midnight like a character from Twilight. Anyways, she is pretty much a big deal and it was cool to have her at the farm. Even cooler was that the photos selected for the spread are on pieces of furniture that were in the house I grew up in! Oh hot damn, this is my..futon.  There was even a reporter from The New Yorker following Tavi around writing a piece about her. My mother found herself speaking to Tavi’s father, who was chaperoning her on the shoot, and as a result got to take a few nice long romps around the property.  Ma was asking about what it has been like for his daughter to be in high demand at such a young age, especially because she was discovered via blog. Of course, because my mom is my biggest (read: only) fan she said “Oh, my daughter has a blog too! It’s called SexyTofu.”  Well, you wouldn’t believe it but today after feasting on a delicious vegan lunch from Green Gourmet To Go, we got a call from a reporter from The New Yorker checking up on my blog’s domain, as it will be mentioned in the piece! I was so excited I nearly vomited my African Teff and Lentil Stew all over the car. It will only be a short blip (if it even makes it in) but look out for it in the September 20 edition!

photo from the BlackBook shoot, borrowed from


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2 Responses to Thanks, Ma!

  1. Annie says:

    uh Zoe…FYI the bed that Ms. Christine is sprawled on in the above photo in our river houseboat is the comfy cushion topper mattress I bought for you in high school :~) sweet dreams, luv mama

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