Homegrown, Anybody?

Ahh, the end of summer is always so bittersweet. I love the foliage of fall, but will miss the bountiful summer harvest. In my opinion (and that is the only one that really matters) summer is the best time to be a vegan, or at least one who prefers to eat local organic produce.  You will see I haven’t posted since mid-August, as I have been running around like a chicken with no head (ahhh, gross!) trying to get my post-college grad life together- Yes, after a long summer of squatting, I am finally moving out of my parent’s house. In fact, my entire family was so busy we completely forgot about the vegetable garden tucked neatly behind our garage. This communal brain-fart resulted in a lush basil forest (hello, vegan pesto) and roided-out cucumbers the size of my calf. When I emerged from the garden proudly toting the super-sized  veggies, my father quipped “oh, wow. A single girl’s  dream!” Now you see where I get it from…

Beautiful. Behind me you can see the stalk of an eleven foot sunflower. Anyways, as I head back down south and leave New England behind, the only way I can snap myself out of my post-tomato-season depression is by looking forward to the onset of fall produce; apples, pumpkin and butternut squash, baby.

Gettin' funky with it


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