Kids Google the Darndest Things… (Like Thong Floss)

The best thing about having your own blog is that you can do all kinds of cool things behind the scene. My favorite is checking the search terms that my tens of thousands -okay maybe just tens- of readers plugged into their Google search in order to stumble across my page. The system works like this: if someone puts in “hot vegan” and anywhere in any of my posts I used the word “hot” and “vegan”, my blog will come up. I get to sit back and see what kinds of ridiculous things people are looking for out there. Here is a list of some of the absurd and silly things that brought readers to my page. Sometimes I find weird trends in the searches. For instance, you will notice that apparently everyone has the hots for pizza. Who knew? And it seems most people looking for “vagina” also don’t know how to spell “vagina.” Of course I get a ton of “vegan cake” and “healthy recipe” searches, but there really isn’t anything funny about those, so I will leave them out. And of course, some searches are so nasty I have too much class (or not enough balls) to put them up. Hey, as long as they got here somehow I’m happy.

Grandma Legs
Pooped in Her Swimsuit
Pizza Vagina
Pizza Porn
Pizza Love
Sexy Pizza Guy
Vajine Sex Face
Vegan Horse (really?!)
Girl With Vegetable
Bar Sex
Thong Floss
Electronic sex
Beaver Roll
Rat Gag
Pleasure Hair Pull
Naked Universe
Horny Honk
How To Have An Affair


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