Talk About Bling…

Sometimes you read about something that makes you slow down and say, right out loud, WTF? While milling about on HARO today, I saw a query that read “Looking for Vajazzle expert.” Immediately I remembered the Bedazzler kits  I saw advertised on TV when I was a little girl (that my mom had the common sense never to let me have) that allowed you to glue glitter and jewels onto all your favorite clothes (or the couch, walls and golden retriever). I did what I always do when curious about something and headed straight to Google where I stumbled upon this fantastic and very informative video.

And after watching the video I again said, right out loud and with more gusto than before, WTF?! Now obviously any girl interested in covering herself in clitter (Ha! I couldn’t help myself) is doing it to make herself feel sexy, as no man in their right mind will pull down a girls pants and vajizzle at the sight of her vajazzle. He might however join me in the chorus of WTF?! So vajazzling falls in the category of a manicure or the purchase of a snuggie; something done to make oneself feel good, and not to actually to impress the opposite sex (as a snuggie will most likely repel instead of invite).  That’s okay, every girl deserves to feel pretty, even if it takes 100 dollars worth of crystals (the price of an average session) glued to her lady bits. If you can’t afford a fancy spa session to make your crotch look like Lady Gaga’s face, don’t worry because you can order kits and stud your muffin at home. Happy trails!

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