Flash Attack

So my dad was driving me to get my wisdom tooth removed yesterday (yikes!) and en route a huge truck sidled up to us and began honking his horn. Xanaxed out of my mind, I glanced up to see the driver peering down at me intently while holding a hand written sign up to the window that read “got boobs?”  In my loopy state of being, I longed for a pen and a piece of paper to write back “no, not really” but didn’t want to hurt the feelings of my tiny team of A cups. I turned to tell my dad about the pervy, albeit hopeful, trucker as he roared ahead of us, and my father told me that actually he had been reading that quite a lot of women do flash  their bits and pieces to truckers on the highway.
This answers a question I’ve always wondered. As someone who seriously hates driving (most likely because I am terrible at it)  I never understood why the heck  anyone  would ever want to be a truck driver.  Apparently for the free strip shows.

When I went home to google women flashing truckers (hey, don’t judge me!) I found some curious results.  Many of the pages I found were questions people posted wondering if their need to flash strangers (truck drivers, the pizza guy, maintenance men) is normal.  There were also quite a bit of queries from the spouses of sexhibitionists who get off on watching their partner strut their stuff for others. The idea of being turned on by showing others what they can’t have reminded me of that crass scene from Borat when Sacha Baron Cohen jokes about how his sister taunts his caged brother with her ‘vajine’ saying “you will never get this, you will never get this, lalala.” Teasing others with what they will never have may be sexually empowering for some, and this can be a total turn on. Seeing someone lust over your significant other while knowing that (hopefully) only you can have what they want may also be sexually empowering, although some people might be slightly offended if their boyfriend or girlfriend wanted to quite literally show them off.  So people get off on showing off, no real news flash there. However, I remember a time in middle school when a group of girlfriends and I were walking to the mall and a guy drove by in a van, honking as he lifted himself up to show he was not wearing any pants. This was definitely not a occurance of trying to tempt us with what we couldn’t have, as we all started screaming and covering our eyes. This guy was not getting off on showing off, he was just a pervert who liked showing his junk to a bunch of twelve-year-old girls.


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3 Responses to Flash Attack

  1. Brandy says:

    Hey Girl: Great blog! I came across your site while searching vegan food. Nothing is better than good food and sex. I’m curious if you have any experience with reusable and/or organic maxi pads. The impact this has on landfills sickens me. ~Brandy

    • sexytofu says:

      Great question, Brandy! It is quite disturbing how many tampons and pads will sit in landfills for years (the applicators take the longest to break down!) after only being used for a few hours. I was actually looking into this a few months ago and came upon this site which had some great info for me, and I hope it does for you too. Thanks for reading!

  2. Brandy says:

    Hi Zoe: Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I did some research. Not only is it bad for landfills, all the chemicals in the pads and tampons are bad for the skin. I switched from regular pads and liners a year back and haven’t looked back. I use Seventh Generation for the pads and liners (www.seventhgeneration.com). Their chlorine free and organic! I was concerned about odor as most store brands have an odor thingy in them but no problems in that department. I also haven’t had an yeast infection since (not to be too personal). I have a couple friends who use cups but tampons always bothered me. I want to make the switch to washable pads and liners but I am kind of grossed out about the washing them out part! Let me know if you have any experience with them? ~Brandy brandyb1984@ymail.com

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