Beans, beans, the magical…dessert?

Yes, I will admit I was skeptical first. I found this recipe for black bean brownies and was horrified ..and yet intrigued. I love beans, I eat them in everything, I eat them plain, I eat them cold, I eat them right out of the pot (or the can if I am feeling too lazy to cook my own)..I have even eaten them for breakfast. But the idea of combining beans and chocolate mildy terrified me. Likewise, the mention of them  making rounds for years in the ‘diet circuit’ turned me off because diets remind me of deprivation..

 And yet, I thought that the mere possibility of being able to enjoy a vegan dessert that was slam packed with protein, fiber and all other beany goodness while being unable to taste the beans seemed almost too good to be true. Did I mention they have barely any fat at all? Wayyyy to good to be true.

However, I set out to try it just in case, dragging Ben and two of my lovely room-mates along for the ride. The result was really surprising. We made the recipe exactly as is, which was hard for  me, as I always want to improvise. Okay, I lied, I added walnuts because I felt they would only improve the recipe. The brownies were so fudgy that we could barely get them out of the pan (which we ate in its entirety in one sitting) but other than that, they were delicious. I couldn’t taste any beans at all, and the bananas I used were so overly ripe that the banana flavor was really heavy, which is a good thing in my opinion. Next time I make these (perhaps for my father without telling him the magical ingredient until the end, muahaha) I will cook them a bit longer, add 1/2 cup of flour so they retain shape, and sprinkle them with vegan chocolate chips. I urge you to try them, no matter how skeptical you may be.


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