Vegan Easter?!?

Ever since I was a kid, as March draws to a close and April approaches, I begin to get excited. Why? Because April 2nd is my birthday (wahoo) and because after my birthday comes Easter! Now I am not religious, and wasn’t raised religious, so to me Easter meant only one thing : a huge basket of candy. 
Raised by health conscious parents (thanks guys!), candy was a special treat reserved for holidays, so days like Halloween and Easter just couldn’t come soon enough.

Since becoming vegan, however, the only sweet treats I have really been enjoying are the ones I have made myself. This is fine of course, I like knowing exactly what I am putting into my body. However, I was extremely excited to stumble across this vegan easter candy! While I probably won’t eat much of it (candy is still candy, and not so good for you), I am stoked to get my hands on some vegan cream eggs (a childhood favorite of mine) , vegan truffles or a vegan easter bunny. Yum. Easter this year is April 4th so order some candy now so you’re fully prepared to get down.


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