Crazy, Sexy, Robot.

I am always interested to learn about new advances in technology (usually about two months behind everyone else..) and to find one involving sex is even more captivating. So, I was amused (and slightly horrified) to learn about “Roxxxy,” the first ever sex robot, created by a company called True Companion, who takes the idea of a blow up doll to an entirely new level. She is actually programmed with a computer chip giving her vocal skills on parr with a childs talking doll (creepy) and sensors on her different body parts that allow her to ‘react appropriately’ with different comments, or an impressive array of very vocal feedback.

Roxxxy’s creator and founder of True Companion, Doug Hines, says that although Roxxxy’s conversation skills are limited, the idea behind allowing her to talk is so that the people using her can relate to her on a level above merely the sexual. Roxxxy comes with a laptop that she is connected to which updates her conversations so she always has something new to say, and you can choose different personality types that match your own, as well as download additional persona’s for your sex droid, such as flirty, innocent or naughty that she can try on if you’re interested in spicing it up a bit. If you’re into S&M, that’s cool, but the doll does have a code word (marshmallow) in case things get a bit too rough. And, if you want a male companion, True Companion also has a male robot known as Rocky.

This is terrifying. Anyone who needs a doll to have sex with needs to get out more, but if they need a doll to have sex with and TALK to, they need a therapist, a dog, a account or a webcam constantly hooked up to  chatroulette. Didn’t you see Lars and The Real Girl? (If not, you should). No doll can compensate for a true human connection, regardless of how anatomically correct  or technologically advanced she is, and while Roxxxy may be a big seller, I worry for the mental health of the people who buy her with the idea that a doll can satisfy their need for human interaction. And, at $7,000 to &9,000, she costs more than my used 2000 Honda Civic.


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