Condoms for Kids?

Apparently a company in Switzerland is now selling a smaller condom specifically made for preteens, called Hotshots. This is certainly a controversial move, and while I don’t think twelve-year olds should be sexually active, I do know that quite often, they are.  The condom was created based on the results of a Swiss study that concluded 12-14 year olds do not use adequate protection, if any at all, when they engage in sex. And as the levels of teen pregnancy rise and the age in which the average teen becomes sexually active lowers, this move does make sense.

The condoms are smaller in diameter but not length. The  standard condom has a diameter of  2 inches and the Hotshot only 1.7.  The logic here is that since  the condom is smaller, the fit will be better and it will be less likely to slip off during intercourse. Smaller condom, better protection.

While no one likes to think of their kid having sex before they even reach highschool, this is a possibility parents need to face and address with their adolescents. While some may feel the HotShot is promoting sexual activity,  I think this is a step in the right direction. If teens want to have sex, they will, regardless if the condom fits properly or not. These condoms are a method of prevention, and with our sky-high teen pregnancy rates, I feel it can’t hurt. Perhaps the US should follow suit, or at least start offering sex-ed classes to younger youth groups.


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2 Responses to Condoms for Kids?

  1. Well I guess the children will be better protected. But am I alone in thinking they should spend their efforts on preventing inappropriate child relations?

    • sexytofu says:

      No, that is a great idea, but unfortunately easier said than done..while time and money should be spent on prevention efforts, there will always be a large percentage of youth that are going to experiment anyways. Kids are still going to be sexually active, and If they don’t get adequate information on protection, they will make unsafe choices, as we have seen in the past when all that was taught in schools was abstinence, and teen pregnancy was still a huge problem and STDs were still appearing. At least now if teens are going to make the choice to be sexually active they have access to properly fitting protection, even if it is disturbing to think about..what is more disturbing is the amount of children being born to parents who can still be considered children themselves..

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