Snowed In: A College Students Snow Day To Do List

Here in VA, we have been getting tons of snow. Public schools have been closed for a solid two weeks. Friends of mine who are student teaching have cabin fever. However, my good old private college has been open, so I’ve had plenty to do. So much to do that, I find myself sitting around creating up lists of what I would love to do if the next day were a snow day. Here is my list..

1. Cook. Being snowed in is a great excuse to dig through your cabinets and get creative, because the only thing worse than driving in a snow storm is being in a grocery-store during a storm, where everyone is scurrying around like the world is about to end creating lines all the way through the frozen food section. Nothing beats making a huge soup with every random perishable you can find, and then creating a funky name for it and forcing it on all your room-mates. “Here, try a bowl of my Chickpea  Dishwater Delight!” ( Chickpeas, every frozen vegetable in my freezer, some sort of grain, curry, cumin and corriander). Vegan dumpster cookies are also a great way to pass the time inside, and everyone loves a huge pile of pancakes.

2. Clean. It makes you feel accomplished, it makes everything smell better, and you will probably need it after making vegan dumpster cookies, because your kitchen will be a mess.

3. Have sex. Inclement weather is a great excuse to stay in bed all day long. Grab a buddy or take it solo. Get creative with it. In my Sex, or Something Like It column in the school paper, I have a Boner Jams section full of songs that are good to get down to. If they don’t actually put you in the mood they will at least make a funny situation to tell all your friends about later. Here are a few of my all-time favorites, but feel free to scour your iTunes and make a list of your own.

  • Nine Inch Nails- “Closer.” Especially good if you’re feeling angry.
  • Will I Am- “Big & Chunky.”Actually this song, which from the soundtrack of Madagascar II, just makes me laugh. It’s great.
  • Girl Talk- the entire Feed The Animals album is phenomenal.
  • Kings of Leon- “I want you.” If Anthony Caleb Followill’s brooding vocals don’t do it for you, then I give up.
  • Beethoven’s 5th. What? I’m classy…

4. Play around on Youtube and any other website that supports procrastination. Sometimes you will stumble upon videos from people you wish you could be friends with.


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